~ Visit Now - City Fountain! | Self serve beer wall featuring 30 local beers, seltzers & ciders   ~

~ Visit Now - City Fountain! | Self tap beer wall featuring 24 local beers ~

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Food Hall


8A - 8P

11A - 9P


Food Hall


8A - 10P

11A - 11P


Food Hall


9A -10P

11A - 11P


Food Hall


9A - 7P

11A - 7P

**Vendor hours may vary, check full vendor hours here.

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Food & Beverage

3rd St. Market Hall brings the best in local food with 15 unique concepts that encapsulate Milwaukee’s diversity in dining.

FOOD Features


15 unique vendors


Best in local food
Diverse dishes
Craft & domestic beer
Impressive wine & spirits

Perfect For:

Breakfast & brunch
Family night out

Work lunch


Happy hour

Private Events


Food & Beverage Options

3rd St. Market Hall local food along with 3rd St. Market Bar’s impressive beer, wine and spirits offerings create a dynamic dining experience that is undeniably one of a kind. Our options allow for guests to explore all the 3rd St. Market Hall has to offer while adhering to event organizer’s budgets. For guests and planners alike, it’s a win-win!


The “Bronze Fonz

Beer & Wine | $25 per person​

1 white & 1 red wine, 2 draft beers, unlimited soda


The "Brew City"

Open Bar | $35 per person

2 white & 2 red wine, 3 draft beers, soda​ rail & call brand spirits

"Champion’s Trophy"

Premium Open Bar | $45 per person​

3 white & 3 red wines, all draft beer, soda​ Premium spirits included*

*Some ultra-premium, small-batch, and rare spirits may not be included, but are available for market pricing. Please confirm a final spirits list before your event details are confirmed.

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Stay at the hall

For guests coming from out of town, stay in one of Plankinton Clover’s luxury apartments.