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Mr. Wings

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The Wingman has arrived in Milwaukee! Mr.Wings serves as your go-to chicken joint for flavors sauced and tossed from sweet to spicy. Not to mention our original vinegar based buffalo sauce and a Jamaican jerk that souths the soul,Jah!. Welcome to the Wingfam! Voted #1 WING year after year. 


Mon - Thu
11A - 8P
Fri - Sat
11A - 10P
11A - 7P


First Floor, West Hall

Menu items & prices subject to change - visit our store or online ordering page to view current offerings.




O.G. Buffalo | Our original buffalo sauce
Gold Digger | Mustard based BBQ sauce
Honey BBQ | Honey brushed & tossed in BBQ sauce
Jamaican Jerk | A jerk that satisfieds that SOUL. JAH
Lemon Pepper Le' Pepp | Lemon pepper seasoning + lemon juice

SoCo | Spicy Sweet BBQ Sauce

"BLP" | Buffalo Lemon Pepper 

LaVa | Ghost Pepper, Buffalo Sauce

Flavor of the Month


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First Floor, West Hall

Are you saucy enough to handle this heat? We doubt it… but what do we know. We just sell wings ;)

About mr. wings


Experience a new gold standard.


These bones were put together in the heat of the pandemic. Consistency is what Mr. Wings is all about, a great chicken wing is crispy, flavorful and even better when served from a wing lover.   The beauty of being able to do what I love and starting as a pop-up chicken wing joint is that I’m able to work in various locations with great local business owners and bring the community together for a one of a kind experience. #🔥🍗