~ NOW OPEN!!! City Fountain | Self tap beer wall featuring 24 local beers ~

~ NOW OPEN!!! City Fountain | Self tap beer wall featuring 24 local beers ~

Kawa Ramen

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The broth makes the ramen.  We spend up to 8 hours stewing vegetables and chicken bones to create the base for our ramen.  We then use a secret process to finish off the rich, creamy paiton broth, and add umami-rich yuzu to the clear broth. Each batch is made daily. Our house-made ramen noodles are also made daily to ensure freshness.  When added to the broth, the noodles immediately begin to absorb the broth and soften.


To ensure the perfect tenderness, our staff is prepared to construct your ramen and deliver it in record time.  We slow-cook our chicken breast for 3 hours in a vacuum-sealed bag with a special blend of seasoning to create our extraordinarily tender and flavorful chashu chicken.


Mon - Thu
11A - 8P
Fri - Sat
11A - 10P
11A - 7P


First Floor, North Hall kitty corner from the main bar

Menu items & prices subject to change - visit our store or online ordering page to view our current offerings.


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First Floor, North Hall

Come find us in the North Hall! We’re kitty corner from the market bar. 

Grab a bite at our counter-style seating or bring it to the market hall's dine-in bar

About Kawa Ramen

Milwaukee's Best Japanese Restuaranteurs

The Kawa restaurant group has been operating in the greater Milwaukee area for almost a decade, starting with Kawa Japanese Restaurant in Glendale (2014), and continuing with Kawa Ramen and Sushi on Milwaukee’s east side (2017).  We are very proud to now bring our tradition of high-quality Japanese cuisine to Downtown with a new take on our beloved ramen.